General Transportation Services

A business is never complete without the delivery of products to its customers. Transportation services play a major role in rendering the fruits of technology to the hands of the public.

Taurus Group holds a large fleet of general purpose and heavy duty trucks and modern equipment to meet the professional demands of markets and enterprises in town. Our categories of general transportation vehicles are numerous, to cater the needs of diverse service requirements. Whatever is your necessity, we have got the right vehicle for the right purpose, to make life easier for you.

We have set up a completely automated system of operation in all of our heavy vehicles, which includes GPS tracker, speed control system, electronic monitoring system and other technical equipment through which we have a live coverage of our vehicles throughout their operation. Our 24/7 manned control room operators have a live updated database of the complete details about each and every vehicle, where it is presently located, its present running speed etc. Our 24/7 customer service helps you to be in touch with us regarding any queries, suggestions or information.

All our trucks and vehicles are well maintained. We hold the CNIA pass for all our heavy duty vehicles. We also conduct regular workshops for our drivers to keep them well educated regarding our services and values.

Being one of the largest and highly recognized transportation services company in UAE, Taurus Group has been serving as the strategic partner for several Governmental firms in Abu Dhabi and UAE. With our years of experience in the transportation industry and successful operation, we ensure 100% safe transport of your goods through our unbeatable service and on-time delivery.